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We offer distant healing sessions, chakra healing & balancing treatments, auracleansings & aura programming, ... All information on this site is holistic in nature.





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If Saturn punishes, then, the sun brings the rewards. If the sun is favorably placed in your natal chart you may be experiencing good health, success, and a good portion of wealth. The sun's vibrations bring joy and overall abundance to wherever it is placed in most instances. READ THE REST.....





Saturn, unlike the sun, is the known as the planet of punishment: the cruel dictator and dispenser of justice. The main energy of Saturn is one of being broken and beaten. This can be seen in the images commonly personified as Saturn. It is often depicted as an old man humped over ravaged by time. He looks tired and appears to have led a hard lifeIn fact, he has led a hard life one of constant struggles and obstacles. His back is humped over from the weight of bad karma. These are the lessons that he must learn carried over from previous lives. READ THE REST...


        Special on Distant Healing Sessions

This distant healing includes:  negative energy removal, negative entity removal (if found), De-energize negative programming images,  removal of negative attachments (cords), bring your energy into present time,chakra balancing, and a complimentary aura charging. READ THE REST.....




Learn to spiritually heal yourself and others using energetic healing techniques. This advanced course is given in a series of 15 modules.

The course includes an email certificate in which you can frame upon completion of course material. READ THE REST.....



C.F.S.WB Learning Center                                                                                                                            (Offering the Advanced Energetic Healing Course)




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Divine Protection Reiki Manual@

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