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How to Protect Your Aura

Aura Protection


Your aura is your own private magic circle or sacred space. It surrounds your entire energetic body and shields it from outside influences when working properly. This is your space and yours alone. Because everything in your aura will ultimately manifest in your reality, you need to keep your aura separate from others.


Are there disagreements among healers concerning setting boundaries? Well, I’ve read books where authors encouraged  readers to use their aura to reach out and touch others to attract the things that they desire. I disagree with using this method of manifesting. I find it to be dangerous for both the individual and the target. Doing so would result in an exchange of energy. Any illness, problems, and negative entities that individual have attached to them could easily transfer to the other person. Therefore, in my opinion, exchanging energy is never desirable unless one is a psychic vampire. In those cases, the predator (psychic vampire) is draining the host (target) of vital energy. In extreme cases, a psychic vampire could use the host energy body to be their psychic dump site! This is another good reason to keep your aura clean.


 Setting Up Your Aura and Energy Boundaries


In public: You should keep your aura close to your body when in the general public: this includes work. For this to work you need to learn to flex your psychic muscles.This can be accomplished by telling your aura to come closer to your physical body. Because energy follows thought, if you tell it to come closer it will.


Environments known to hold a lot of negative energy: Some environments are known to hold a lot of negative energy: jails, court houses, hospitals, and bars to name a few. These places are psychic dump sites that absorbs negative energy from the individuals that patron it. This energy is then passed on to those with weak auras.


Friends or Strangers discussing their problemsYou need to keep your aura close during these times more than others. Because a grieving person's energies are so erratic, they could easily transfer their problems on to those sympathetic to them without knowing. This is a form of psychic vampirism. However, in this case, the individual is doing it unconsciously. 


During Intimacy: During  intimacy you exchange energy for a brief period of time. If you keep your aura strong the exchange will only be temporary. Your aura will return to its original state within a short period of time (within hours). However, if your aura is weak the change can be lasting. This is not desirable regardless of how much you love the other person. You do not want to take on their problems (karmic) or energy. If you find yourself suffering from issues current in your Lover's life consider doubling up on your aura cleaning







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